Project Scope:
This quote covers the services and deliverables as outlined in the provided project brief. Any additional work requested by the client will be subject to a separate agreement and may incur additional charges.

Payment Terms:
A non-refundable deposit of [percentage or amount] is required upfront before work commences. The remaining balance will be due upon project completion and before the final deliverables are released to the client. We accept payments via [list accepted payment methods].

Timeline and Deadlines:
The estimated project timeline will be detailed in the project proposal. Mariachi Creative will make every effort to adhere to the agreed-upon schedule. However, any delays caused by the client’s actions or failure to provide necessary information may extend the completion date.

Revisions and Changes:
This quote includes [number] rounds of revisions for the provided deliverables. Additional revisions beyond this limit will be subject to additional charges at our standard hourly rate.

Ownership and Usage Rights:
Mariachi Creative retains full ownership of all creative work until full payment is received. Upon final payment, the client will have non-exclusive, worldwide usage rights for the approved deliverables for the intended purpose. Mariachi Creative reserves the right to use completed work in our portfolio and for promotional purposes.

Mariachi Creative agrees to keep all project-related information and materials confidential. We will not disclose any sensitive information to third parties without the client’s written consent.

Cancellation Policy:
In the event of project cancellation by the client after work has commenced, the client agrees to compensate Mariachi Creative for the work completed up to that point. Any non-refundable deposits or expenses incurred by Mariachi Creative will also be billed to the client.

Liability and Indemnification:
Mariachi Creative will not be liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising from the use or inability to use the deliverables. The client agrees to indemnify and hold Mariachi Creative harmless against any claims or expenses related to the client’s use of the provided work.

Either party may terminate the project for valid reasons by providing written notice to the other party. Upon termination, the client shall pay Mariachi Creative for all work completed up to the termination date.

Approval and Sign-off:
The client’s written approval is required at various stages of the project, including major milestones and final deliverables. Delays in providing approvals may result in project timeline adjustments.

Deliverables Format:
Final deliverables will be provided in the agreed-upon format, as outlined in the project proposal. Any specific file type requirements should be communicated before the project commences.

Credits and Portfolio Use:
Mariachi Creative reserves the right to include the completed work in our portfolio and promotional materials. However, if the client requires anonymity, they must notify us in writing before project completion.

Force Majeure:
Neither party shall be held liable for any delay or failure in performance caused by circumstances beyond their control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, war, or government restrictions.